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Arch Linux Pacman Quicksheet

1 min · Michael Bäcker (aka BakermanLP)

Ein QuickSheet zur Installation von Arch Linux

archlinux tips

Arch Linux pacman Commands

Ein QuickSheet zur Installation von Arch Linux

Installation, Update und Entfernen von Paketen

To update the systemsudo pacman -Syu
Update the databasesudo pacman -Syy
Installingsudo pacman -S package_name
Removing packagessudo pacman -R pacakge_name
Removing packages inkl Dependenciessudo pacman -Rs package_name
Remove package avoid orphaned dependencies ans erase global configsudo pacman -Rns package_name
Removing unused packages (orphans)pacman -Qtdq | pacman -Rns -


Package Infospacman -Qi package_name
Packages in Repositoriespacman -Ss package_name
Query repo and all that depend on itpacman -Sii package_name
List installed packagespacman -Qqe
List installed packages without Dependenciespacman -Qqe -t > pkglist.lst
Listing files owned by a packagepacman -Qlq package
Listing files owned by a package with sizepacman -Qlq package | grep -v '/$' | xargs -r du -h | sort -h